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Woodlawn Court Management Ltd is a company made up of all the owners of flats in Woodlawn Court. Nobody can own a flat without being a member of the company. And nobody can be a member of the company without owning a flat. Each flat owner is actually a leaseholder (they lease the flat from the freeholder). Some leaseholders live in their flat. Some sublet the flat to tenants. Woodlawn Court Management Ltd is made up of all of the owners. And it employs a managing agent to run the day-to-day management.

The most consistent benefit people report from being part of the community here is that people feel able to be in touch with each other. So, alongside saying hello to your neighbours, it'd be great if you would consider writing something for the next edition of 'Our News' and update us all. Write to the admin address to find out more.

The fire safety page has details of what residents must be aware of following safety works carried out on the buildings in 2021.

We've seen significant change in the area of tree management recently. Hopefully, this will be seen as beneficial in the long term. You'll also know that the wooden porches are being refurbished to their original specification.

For any owner not aware, the freehold was bought by a new company formed by (and consisting entirely of) woodlawn owners (leaseholders) in 2017* There is more information linked from the 'freehold' menu item.

The process of managing Woodlawn Court is being maintained. We have active resident directors helping sort out issues with bins, budgets and bother of all sorts. If you have any concerns, please get in touch with our managing agent, who will be able to advise and act for the management board.

*Woodlawn Freehold Limited is owned and controlled exclusively by Woodlawn Court flat owners. Its rules mean this will always be the case.







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