Gardens and trees

It's a strong feeling among many of us who live in Woodlawn Court that the gardens, grass and trees really help to make the place what it is. Many people are attracted to the flats here because of the relatively large green spaces we have.

Our gardens group has been active in sourcing and planting native hedgrow species along the border with Green Walk. And we're undertaking a trial of mixed mowing to encourage biodiversity. Selected patches of lawn will be left longer between mowings during the summer. We're also organising the substitution of bio-safe weed suppressants in place of glyphosate.

Woodlawn Court and Upper Chorlton Road now have compost bins, 3 at WLC and 1 at UCR. They are for uncooked kitchen waste and garden cuttings. To see the composting guide click here.

Of course, it takes effort and attention to keep it looking good and growing well. Milder seasons have meant the grass doesn't give up growing until well into late Autumn. And our trees come under various orders for conservation and preservation. Their size and number mean we have to pay specialists to carry out any work.

And whilst we can get a lot of pleasure out of the greenery, there can be problems too. Some flats can be put into intense shade by unchecked growth of foliage. Pavements and drains can be affected by roots. And self-seeded saplings and suckers can find places to start growing that can spell disaster for walls if they're left to their own devices.

There is a team of gardeners who visit the development weekly to attend to the main borders and the grass.

There are several ways to get involved in how the gardens are managed. Talk to one of the gardens group - Judith at 17. Tel 0161 861 7187 or Sally at

The fruit bushes around are for everyone. So please do pick raspberries, apples, rhubarb, cherries when ripe. If anyone would like to help maintain some of the fruit trees and bushes, that would be great too. Please let one of us know. We can also advise on what you need to do.

If you have any other questions or problems relating to gardens or trees, you can pass them onto the managing agent, or use the email address below.




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