Halls and common areas

Using the halls and stairs

Under the terms of the lease and to comply with current fire regulations absolutely no items whatsoever should be stored or left for any period in the common areas. This includes bikes, prams, shoes, toys, boxes etc. It is essential these areas are kept free of items for your safety and that of your neighbours.

The carpets are vacuumed weekly, but walls and paintwork are only cleaned by special arrangement and at extra cost to service-charge payers. So please avoid marking walls with shoes, bicycles, sports equipment etc.

Using the rear shared area

Between each pair of neighbouring flats there is a shared or communal area that allows access to two small storage rooms or cupboards which are outside of each of the flats. These cupboards should be locked to secure their contents and to comply with fire regulations. The door connecting the shared space with the landing or corridor must not be locked or obstructed. A latch or bolt may be fitted to the stair side of the door on the first and second floors. There should be a working door-closer on the ground floor.

Under no circumstances are personal or household items to be left in the rear shared areas (balcony/passage space) outside of the store cupboards themselves. This includes the drying and airing of washing.

Smoking is not permitted in any of the shared areas including the rear shared areas.

If you have any questions or problems relating to halls and common areas, you can pass them onto the managing agent, or use the email address below.

Back doors

Back doors on the ground floor are equipped with two locks with thumb-turns accessible only from the inside. These should be kept locked at all times, except when in use (eg, to access bins or to sit in the back garden when you are within sight of the doorway).




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