Faults and repairs

If you are a leaseholder and have any issues relating to faults and repairs, you can use the online reporting facility https://liv-group.fixflo.com. This system allows flat owners to log and monitor issues online. The linked page allows you to get or reset a password, too.

Alternatively, if you are a renting tenant, or you prefer a more traditional option, you can pass repairs issues onto the managing agent, or use the email address below.

Faulty lights in common areas (porches, stairs, halls, rear entnrance-ways) can often be fixed very promptly. Faults to major outdoor lights may need to be dealt with by a specialist contractor. In either case, the quickest route to repair is to contact the managing agent.

Window repairs (and the rolling replacement programme) are best dealt with by having the a flat owner correspond with the managing agent direct. Owners can find out more information on the WCML members' pages (login needed).


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