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Data protection

Woodlawn flats website has a data protection document that governs the way the site manages any information you provide. You can see the data protection notice here.

Sub-let tenants

If you rent your flat as a place to live from the owner, we call that a sub-let (because the owner is also leasing the flat from the freeholder). Any documentation about your tenancy should be obtained from your landlord. Help on tenancies and deposits is available from Citizens Advice and from Shelter.


If you own a flat here, then you are a leaseholder (you lease it from the freeholder). Your ownership is governed by the lease that is agreed between yourself, the management company and the freeholder. To find out more about your lease and to see a specimen copy, you need to log in and visit the WCM Ltd pages (see link on the home page).

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Every flat owner is a member of the company (WCM Ltd) and is entitled to attend the AGM and vote. You can arrange a proxy vote (if you're unable to attend) by using the official proxy form you will have been sent if you're a member. Proxy forms must be posted to the managing agent in advance or brought to the meeting in order for proxy votes to be cast. To check your credentials, contact the managing agent at Liv. If you have received a notice of the AGM in the post, your credentials will be in order.

If you're a member and you'd like to talk to someone about standing for a post on the management board, contact or the managing agent.

If you have any questions or problems relating to documents and dates, you can pass them onto the managing agent, or use the email address below.


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