Rubbish and recycling

On this page you can find out about how we deal with rubbish bins and recycling

The first thing to know is that the normal rubbish collection is every Wednesday morning. It's important that your bins are moved to a collection point ready for the team to collect and empty. The council's contractor (Enterprise Manchester) says usually after 9.30am. But the safest option is to put them out the night before (Tuesday night).

The collection points are on the grass verge at the court entrance and near the carpark barriers on either side of the rear of the development (map here). If you don't put your bin out, it could be another two weeks before it gets emptied. And rubbish left for any length of time can attract rats. So please make every effort to keep this routine working.

Which bin?

Manchester City Council have a dedicated page for bins, rubbish and recycling with information on checking bin collection days, which bin to use, what to do with large items, how to order a new bin and how to report a problem.

Recycling of bottles and cans is done using the brown wheelie bins. Paper and card goes in the blue wheelie bins. See the council recycling pages for a detailed guide of what you can put in the blue and brown bins. Please break down cardboard boxes, crush cans and plastic bottles. This saves space and avoids overflowing.

Food waste is collected every week (green bins). Everything else is collected every two weeks. All collections are on Wednesday mornings.

On a 'brown' week the green bins are left out with the brown bins. Then on a 'blue' week the green bins along with both the blue bins and black bins go out together. Visit the council website (linked above) to see the actual dates for each.

For a new supply of the small green kitchen waste bags, simply tie a bag onto the bin handle when you're down to the last few. That'll prompt the collection team to provide you with a fresh stock.

See also the gardens page for information on composting at Woodlawn.

The council team responsible for this service is Neighbourhood Delivery Team South and they're on 0161 234 5004 and and are based at Mauldeth House, Mauldeth Road West, Chorlton.




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