Woodlawn Court, M16

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Woodlawn Court flats and 173 Upper Chorlton Road

At Woodlawn Court we have a quiet but friendly community of residents. We're a varied bunch but find that it's nice to get together now and then too. Some of our social activities are illustrated in the pictures on the right.

We have lovely grounds here and are lucky to have a great gardening team. Residents can get more involved with garden planning. Speak to one of the resident directors or contact them via the managing agent.

Any resident wanting to arrange a social gathering using the grounds can make it happen pretty easily. Using the grounds for an advertised gathering does need permission from the freeholder which is arranged via the management company. For inviting neighbours we have a social network via facebook and by email, but we always print paper posters and/or flyers to ensure everyone's included.

If you're looking for the information about swifts, you can click on this link for the swifts page.

You can send ideas, suggestions and feedback to us at the address below.


Plans for the site include providing news, documentation and information for people who live in the flats. And for those who are flat-owners, access to management company pages that keep you up-to-speed with what is going on and anything you need to be aware of.

As well as putting useful information up here, it's always nice to have original photographs of the flats and gardens.

If you have some of your own pictures that you are happy to see on these pages, please send them to the address above.








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